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Colliberty: Web application experts

What are your needs?

Is your company in need of a tool to help your employees collaborate? Is your "intranet" a collection of disorganized files on a server? Do you have a web application that no longer fits your needs? Is your website updated by somebody else than the ones who know what it should say? Is your company an isolated island in the world of new social media?

We can help!

Colliberty are experts in web applications and can help you develop your websites, your intranet and your web applications. We exclusively use open systems and standards to avoid lock-in for vendors and visitors and we use agile development methods for low risk fast turn-around projects.

Colliberty was founded by Johan Carlsson and Lennart Regebro who between them have over 30 years of web experience. After many years as employees and subcontractors we felt it was time to move onto the next level, so since September 2010 we are now offering our expertise directly to the customer. We offer development, project management and training in web solutions.

We currently have locations in Krakow and Stockholm, but work on a global scale. The majority of our customer base is in the United States and Scandinavia, but we also have many clients in the UK, France and Germany. Although we are a relatively a new Company and small in size we strive to provide an excellent service for all our customers. We pride ourselves on working closely with all our clients and even as we grow in the future it is our aim to continue to provide a special understanding of our customers needs and desires as well as supplying a first class service.

Drop us an email, or give us a call to chat about your web sites, web services and intranet situation, to see if we can help you improve it. tssses