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We do advanced web application development with a focus on content management.

Customer involvement

It's paramount that a customer is up to date on the project process. All our management tools like the issue tracking systems and version control systems are hosted online and made available to our customers. You can see the status and progress of different parts of the project, and offer feedback. We'll either communicate with you through the issue system, or add the conclusions to the system, so that we have a record of decisions so we don't rehash already concluded discussions or forget what we decided. As the customer you can directly in the issue system set the priority of different tasks.

Minimizing risk

We prefer an test-driven agile development management style, which means we make implement the features you want first. This enables you to drive the project towards the important high-return features that is likely to give you the most advantages first. By also exclusively using open source software you avoid lock-ins with both regards to technology and towards us. Obviously switching consultants is always costly, but by using open source technologies and giving you access to the source code it always remains a viable option should we for some reason be unable to fulfill your requirements.

Target platforms and hosting

The frameworks we use are platform independent, and our services will run equally well on Microsoft, Unix or OS X servers. We use standards compliant HTML and Javascript which will work on any operating system and any modern browser. That said we prefer to deploy our servers on some sort of Unix, where Ubuntu LTS has turned out to be a highly manageable and flexible server platform.

We don't host any servers ourselves. A good hosting environment should have server rooms with UPS, fire protection and off-site backup utilities. Creating such an environment is costly, and it doesn't make economic sense. And since most of our customers also have a local customer base, it makes better sense to use local hosting companies. We are however happy to do the server setup and management for you.

If you are already doing your own hosting, we will of course install the software on your servers or help your IT team install it.