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Open source

What does open source mean for you?
Open source

Plone Conference 2010

It means collaboration

For us, open source is the practice of sharing the development effort. We give to the community and in return the community gives back to us. Should we find a bug in the software we use, we can fix it. And if we can't somebody else can. It means that you, together with us and the community, can overcome the problems. It means you can rest assured we will never blame Microsoft.

It means liberty

Traditional application development is done by a small set of consultants working on your project. They may be a small company, or a project group in a large consultancy, but the developers are invariably a small groups of people. These are the only ones in the world to understand your application. You are, in practice, stuck with the consultant for ever, even if you have access to the full source code. Open source is different. Open source applications are developed by a large community of developers spread over numerous companies. You won't end up locked to a closed software that nobody but one company has the key to. This means that if you are not happy with us you can take the web application we made and go to somebody else. We focus on using Python and Plone, both stable and popular open source projects. Plone is used and supported by thousands of developers in hundreds of companies and Python is one of the most popular web programming languages.

It means security

In a closed source application, you can find security holes only by testing. In open source, the security is both tested, and maintained by scrutinizing the source code by all the developers. If somebody finds a security hole in a closed source software, the only ones that can fix that are the company that developed the software. If somebody finds a security hole in an open source software, anybody can fix the problem. This is why open source operating systems are more secure than closed source systems.

As a result Colliberty is firmly committed to open source, We are active in the open source communities for all our tools, which keeps us up to date with best practices and gives us a large support network of experts on unusual technologies when we need them. We know that the community will support us if we support the community. That collaboration gives us and our customers freedom.