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The projects Colliberty has done range from simple website to customized solutions for eLearning and Requisition Management.

Learning Management System for DPAS

For  the U.S. federal government Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) Colliberty worked with PowerTrain to develop a customized Learning Management System (LMS)  to deliver, document and report on dozens of course delivered across the DPAS enterprise.  Based on the open-source architecture of Moodle, Colliberty created a customized instance to meet DPAS needs.

GoLearn Learning Management System

For  the U.S. federal government-wide training: Colliberty worked with PowerTrain to develop and support a customized Learning Management System (LMS)  to deliver, document and report on thousands of courses, and 24,000 books across the entire U.S. federal government. The site includes a customized licensing and business function to enable users and groups to access just that content they have licensed while being excluded from areas without access.

OSHA course tracking

For  the U.S. federal government Department of Labor (DOL), Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) Colliberty together with PowerTrain developed the registration, tracking and reporting system based on the latest  version of Plone. The site enables thousands of government users across the US Federal, State, and Local government responsible for enforcing safety and health in the workplace, to self-register, enroll in and complete training with customized completion certificates and detailed reporting.

OPM Procurement

For  the U.S. federal government Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Colliberty worked with PowerTrain to develop the Acquisition Document repository  with process to store, manage  and issue OPM procurement actions that administer over $100Million in procurement actions per year. The site automates the administration of work orders with secure document storage for each OPM vendor company and custom workflow process for the administrative personnel to provide transparency to each step of the procurement process. All contracting action requests, interim forms, and final procurement documents are stored by vendor with custom dashboards for each contracting specialist to readily manage their documents and outstanding requests.

ECEEE Web site

Colliberty has developed the website and content management system for the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, containing close to five thousand documents and the membership management for over ten thousand users.